Three Pieces of Good Book News

It’s honestly very hard for me to get excited even about good book news right now. I’m feeling very grim about the future of both the US and the planet, but life does go on, and hopelessness is dangerous. So here are some pieces of good news for The Half-Drowned King.


The Half-Drowned King is available for pre-order on, due to be released August 1, 2017.



The Half-Drowned King and its sequels will be published in:

United States and Canada by HarperCollins

Germany by Ullstein

Spain by Salamandra

Italy by Giunti

France by Presses de la Cite

United Kingdom by Little, Brown

And now I can add Netherlands by Luitingh Sijthof! (The Dutch contract is for the first book, with the sequels if it does well. So if you know any Dutch people, urge them to buy it next year!)



The other news is my German cover, which I think is wonderful.


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