The Golden Wolf Cover reveal! (And some end-of-year news)

I have turned in The Golden Wolf for copy editing, and I can also now reveal the US cover, by Patrick Arrasmith. It is coming out in hardcover, digital, and audiobook, on August 13, 2019.


Sequels don’t often make year-end best-of lists, which makes me extra happy to see The Sea Queen appear on Book and Film Globe’s.


I’ve been continuing to blog at Amazing Stories, and recently wrote a recommendation for Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett.


The Italian cover for The Sea Queen really gives Svanhild her due:


I’m not going anywhere for Christmas/New Years this year, and I’ve just finished a huge writing project, so I’m diving into some other projects for these few weeks, including making Momofuku ramen. Yesterday I made Taré, which is a favoring agent for the ramen broth. I am currently curing a pork shoulder for meat to go in it. Tomorrow I will embark on the 7+ hour broth-making process. I did purchase the noodles at least from a local Asian grocery. Saturday will be the day to actually eat the ramen, and I will likely update on Twitter about how it tastes.

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  1. Good luck with your ramen making, and I am excited for “The Golden Wolf” the book about how King Harald proceeds!!! Happy New Year, and don’t stop writing!!!

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