Author Photo!!!

Last Friday, I packed up a bag of clothes, washed and dried my hair, and went over to the studio of Nina Subin, who I engaged to take my author photo. This was something I had to do, rather than the publisher, because this photo will be used by my international publishers as well, and all promotion material.

She brought in a hair and makeup artist, so the first 45 minutes was doing that, and then we spent almost four hours with me in different outfits, poses, and backgrounds, to try to get a nice professional photo, and here it is:


Ooops, nope, that is me, and I am writing, but it’s not serious enough. Here it is:


Hahah, no, that’s not it either. It would probably be better if the photo conveyed some life experience. Seriously this time, here is the photo we chose:


But wouldn’t it be awesome if I could use one of the baby ones?

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  1. Awesome! Maybe you can use 2 pics?! So excited to see this process unfolding & to read your work!

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