Three Troys

[Spoilers for the books and movies mentioned.]

A week or so ago I read

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  1. I was lucky. My first introduction to the story of Troy was “The Iliad” quickly followed by “The Odyssey” (which I had been introduced to in 10th Grade through other perspectives on Odysseus). I’ve read several retellings, though not “The Firebrand,” and all but one of them have felt lacking.

    That one is Euripides “The Trojan Women” which I’ve also called the first fanfic (face it, one of the big tropes in fandom is retelling the story from an alternate POV.).

    Anyway, my biggest issue with the movie “Troy” was Eric Bana.

    1. Really? I liked Eric Bana quite a lot as Hector. He had a lot of dignity that the rest of the movie was lacking.

      I recommend The Firebrand, but it might help to read it as a teenager. The ideas could seem a little obvious now.

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