The Kindle Paperwhite

For years after I got my first Kindle (Gen 1), I read almost exclusively on it. It was so easy–easier on the eyes than a mass market paperback, easier to hold than almost any book. I already read quickly, and with the Kindle, I started to read even quicker than that.

It’s only now that I’m in grad school that I’ve started preferring paper books again, for some things. They’re easier to skip around in, to skim ahead in, to find a specific passage (for me anyway, although I suppose a Kindle-user could do a search).

However, all that may have changed again, now that I have a Kindle Paperwhite. I had not intended to upgrade for some time, but on some recent travels my husband (hereafter “The Penguin”) lost his Kindle, and I graciously offered to give him mine (now a Gen 3) so I could upgrade to a Paperwhite.

And it is the best Kindle experience I’ve had yet. The light is almost perfect, with a little darkness at the bottom if I’m reading in the dark. When I’m reading in daylight or with a lamp, a small amount of light makes the screen even easier to read than the best non-lit Kindles.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the swipe action, rather than buttons, and it is taking some work to get used to, but I do like the on-screen touch keyboard, rather than one laboriously accessed through arrow keys. Shopping on it, too, is a dream.

One feature that is rather amusing is being able to see the amount of time left in a chapter or book, based on my reading speed. According to what my Kindle has learned about me already, I could read

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  1. Just discovered your web site–it’s great!

    I have a first-generation NOOK which is rather difficult to read when the lighting isn’t terrific. Then, in December I got an iPad, downloaded the NOOK app, and wow, what a difference! The iPad is back-lit, and because the screen is larger, I don’t have to increase the font size too much to get a readable font. As a result, I’m doing much more e-reading than I did before I got the iPad!

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