A Friday Roundup

I used to keep another blog where I made random updates on my life and whatever I was thinking. Self-indulgent, yes, but it gave me a place to muse about things. I miss that.

I used to do a Friday meme called RPW: Reading, Planning, Wearing.

Reading: I just finished reading Forged: Writing in the Name of Godabout forgeries in the New Testament, and from other early Christian writers. Fascinating stuff. Brings up questions of what “truth” really means. Certainly, there is good proof that plenty of what is in the Bible is not literal truth, or written by the people it purports to be written by, but the unanswerable question is how much that fact affects peoples’ view of it as some sort of spiritual truth. Now, I’m not a Christian, nor do I have any book that I view as the ultimate truth, so it’s less of an important issue for me, but it is interesting to see how others grapple with it.

I am also reading A Place of Greater Safety by Hillary Mantel, which is her novel about the French Revolution.

Planning: I am planning a low-key weekend. Some strongman stuff, some cooking, some writing. Definitely watching some more of BBC’s The Musketeers, in which many swashes are buckled, D’Artagnan is a murder-puppy, everyone flirts with everyone, and is dashing, and Cardinal Richelieu is evil and brilliant.

Wearing: It’s cool enough to wear jeans, so that is what I am doing. Blue straight-leg jeans, a sleeveless v-neck gray top, an open blue wrap top over that. I’m also wearing a wire and sunstone necklace from Wyrding Studios. Sunstone is associated with creativity, and I never mind giving myself that suggestion. I attempted a double waterfall braid today, but it came out a bit messy, so I slapped the whole thing up into a bun.

Some other things:

– It’s been a very tough week in the world, with the suicide of Robin Williams, and the injustice brought to light and ongoing in Ferguson, MO. I realize it is a great privilege to be able to hide my head under the covers and try to distract myself, but that is what I will be doing for a little while.

– FILM CRIT HULK published a great essay on the use of humor in Guardians of the Galaxy, and how it is driven by character.

This was a wonderful post about how Dead Poets Society saved the author’s life. I too was a bookish 14-year-old when I saw that movie. Now that I have studied and taught literature, I see the ways in which Keating may be teaching literature in a facile way, but I agree 100% with the post that the most important thing Keating gave the students was seeing them as human beings with passion and purpose, not as nuisances or extensions of their parents’ will.

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